Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Thanks everyone who entered to win the apron! I'll post the winner tomorrow.

In the meantime...Let me tell you how NOT together I have my act these days. Laney's baby dedication is next weekend and our church asked us to send in a picture of Laney along with a picture of our family (due yesterday). Do you know how many pictures I have of the three of us? Nada. Not one. Well...that's not totally true..I do have one that Emily took of us in the hospital the day Laney was born (but I don't count that one because I'm laying in a hosptial bed).

So, I rushed home from work yesterday to try and beat sundown. It was chaotic, let me tell you. I find myself much more comfortable behind a camera these days.

So here is the one ok shot I got (fist in mouth and all!). Eh. I guess it'll have to work?



I'm excited to announce the winner tomorrow! Giveaways are fun! :)

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sfain said...

I LIKE that picture! And, LELE---you look great!! Good for you and Jillian!!!!!!!

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