Some confessions...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ok, first lack of blogging= laziness!! I was talking to a friend at the Y this morning and we were both saying how we have such high hopes for nap time. And then once our babies go down, we just want to lay there and do NOTHING! Does anyone else feel like that? I've got to get motivated!!


Confession #2: I've been watching the old 80's TV show "thirty something" and I LOVE IT! Does anyone remember that show? It came out in the late 80's, when I was oh..about 6!! Anyway, it's the end of the summer, and there's nothing on TV at night. The shows don't start back for a couple of more weeks, so...instant Netflix is my friend! I've even talked Eric into watching an episode with me before we fall asleep a couple of nights.


Other than my confessions, I don't have much more to say. The photography blog should be updated soon! I've had several sessions that I haven't posted on yet (again...laziness). Please check it out!!


We're headed to Atlanta on Friday to visit with Eric's good friend Derek. He and his wife have just made their way back to the states. They've been in Korea for the past couple of years. I know Eric is really excited to see him!


I hope everyone's having a great week!

what we've been up to

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I think every time I've blogged this summer it's been about a trip we went on and I want to remember the day to day stuff we did this summer, so here it goes.

My husband doesn't like to wear shirts. Especially in Alabama. Most of these pictures he will be shirtless. I try to tell him to put his shirt back on, but he tells me that the worst feeling in the world for him is to be wearing a sweaty shirt (except while he's working out, he says that's ok).

Does anyone else's one year old LOVE to walk as much as mine does? Seriously, I can't get her to sit still, even to play with the coolest toy ever made, she won't stop. She may pick up a toy for a second, but then throw it down on the ground and keep walking. It's exhausting. Late in the afternoon, usually right before dinner, we go outside and I let her walk up and down the street (on the sidewalk, of course!) until she poops out. Note to self: she usually doesn't poop out. I often have to drag her back in the house because it's time to eat.



Eric and I have had a HUGE craving for Krispy Kreme. The first time we went and picked up a few "hot ones now." I told him about how, in college, we used to drive from Auburn at midnight just to get some hot ones. They are just SO GOOD. Last night we went and got one, and we brought Laney-baby back some donut holes for breakfast and a hat. She really liked the hat.



She REALLY liked tearing the hat apart. :)




We've Eric also helped my mom do a little yard work. Laney likes to think she helped a little too.



We've also spent a lot of time laughing and playing with our cute Laney-boo.



That's all for now. My sister and her girls are coming down here tomorrow! We always love to visit with our cousins!

we went to atlanta

Monday, August 15, 2011
Fish- GA Aquarium

Eric had a few days off in a row last week and we decided that we needed ANOTHER road trip. :) We've been wanting to go to atlanta all summer, but there just hadn't been a good time to go. 3 days off in a row= a good time to go!

We got there Sunday afternoon and planned to go see one of our good friends, John, at his church. They have Sunday night service and IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! Eric and I were both so blessed by our time there. They just started a series called "Taking the Plunge" and it was just so on point with what I needed to hear. God is just good like that, ya know?! Not only were we blessed by the service, but we were blessed by a couple of people we got to see while we were there. One being John, and the other being Biscuet. B lives in China and he does some really amazing work there. I feel so blessed to know both of these men, and to call them my good friends. And I'm sad I didn't get a picture with them, oh well.


Monday was family fun day! :) And we headed to the GA Aquarium to show Laney what real fish look like. If you don't like looking at pictures of fish, or my child, then skim on to the bottom of this post, because I took a lot of pictures of the fish.

GA Aquarium

Shark @ the GA Aquarium



Laney @ the GA Aquarium

Beluga- GA aquarium

Ok, does anyone know what is in the above picture? It's a Beluga. If you got it right, email me, I'll send you a special prize, like a reply congratulating you on your knowledge of marine biology. Ok, so, does anyone know the song about the Beluga?? "Baby beluga in the deep blue swim so high and you swim so free..." I started singing it while we were at the exhibit and Eric just looked at me and made me feel stupid laughed . He had never heard of it!!! Ok, so, if you've heard it, PLEASE leave me a comment telling me that I'm not crazy and it is a REAL song, so I can make my husband feel dumb see my song knowledge.

Ok, back to more fish pictures...



Pointing at the fish

This one's for you, Kelly...Albino alligator.


After the aquarium Laney and I decided to play at the park while Daddy went and got the car. What a good hubs he is. :)

big eyes


Later that night my dad took us to his favorite Mexican place. Eric and I eat Mexican at LEAST twice a week, so we were game! IT WAS SO GOOD!


ATL has so much to offer. Good friends. Good church. Good eats. SOLD! We had a great time! Thanks ATL!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Laney- 1yo

We're back and we had a great time in Cincinnati! It was so good to see Walker and Emily and let them show us around their new city. If you're looking to do some shopping Cincinnati is your town! I think that's all we did the whole time we were there! Shopped...and ATE! Walker and Em took us to some really fun places to eat. They're always "in the know". :)

Walk & Em


While we were there my mom had a birthday. She turned 25. :) She's also still on the market if you know any amazing Christian men who are around 25 too!


Birthday Cake for Sissy

Walker and Emily are both really great uncles and aunts to their nieces. They love little Laney-boo and she sure does love them. Now that she's running walking, she's hard to keep up with, but Walk and Em gave this mommy a little break and chased her around for me a lot!


Walking with Em


Uncle Walker

They live in a really fun area of town that has some of the yummiest ice cream EVER! Now because I'm married to an Ohi-an, I've had my share of Graeter's but that didn't stop me from getting some while we were in town.



Fountain in Hyde Park

The night we celebrated my mom's birthday Walker grilled and the ladies made a delicious low-cal white sangria. All it took was half a bottle of fresca, a bottle of chardonnay and drop it whatever fruit you like! YUMM-O!

Grill'n out

White Sangria

White Sangria (chardonay & fresca)

White Sangria w/strawberries

Saturday night we drove over the river into Kentucky to Newport on the Levee. So fun! If you have kids and are in Cincinnati, this is a great place to hang out. There was so much to do and a lot to look at. Emily wanted to try out the "hamsters", but we lovingly talked her out of it and told her she was too old. :)

Hamsters (Newport)

Balloon Guy (Newport)

Newport on the Levee

Thanks Walker and Emily for being such WONDERFUL hosts to us! We had a blast! Little Laney misses you already!

Laney- 1yo

Walk & Em (Eden Park)

Oh! And a shout out to Bella for being the best pup around and an equally great host! :)

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