Monday, Monday.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday to all! We had a fun filled weekend! Friday night I was lucky enough that my sweet husband spent some quality time with Laney so that I could go see the Hunger Games with a couple of girl friends. It was a really great way to kick off my weekend. Then Saturday, Laney's buddy, Amos had his 2nd birthday party (you can check out the photo blog for pics from the party). Laney had a blast! Have I mentioned how full of life she is? We had to chase her down the whole party to make sure she didn't run into the pond full of ducks! She's crazy.





Also, over the weekend I was doing a little cleaning and found this gem! Our talented friend, Scott Van Dusen, cartooned a bunch of us several years ago. This is his take on Eric...short shorts and all! :) I just thought it was funny and wanted to share.


Hope you all have a great week!

It's hot.

Thursday, March 22, 2012
What happened?!?! Did we just totally skip over Spring? I'm hoping that it'll cool off soon, but if not we're going to be spending the next 5 months like this...



She's a funny girl and is growing up so quickly. I swear looked at her the other day and it's like she went from a baby to a little girl...I don't know what it was, but she's turned into a little girl. Maybe it's because she has enough hair to pull back in a rubber band, or because she wants me to paint her little toe nails, or because she sings and dances to the music in her heart, but she's not a baby anymore.

Lately- instagram style

Monday, March 19, 2012
Confession- I've been pretty lazy with my picture taking. We all know it's just so easy and convenient to bust out our phones--speaking of--my new favorite camera app is "camera awesome"--Check it-- It's a good one. So here's what we've been up to lately via my phone camera...

First let's start with the most important...I'm going to be an AUNT again!! Walker and Emily are having a baby BOY in August!! This group of girl cousins is finally getting a boy!! We're all so excited!

We've been playing at the park a lot lately. The warmer weather has been making it irresistible to be outside. We often go to the park with Amos and Evie...who Laney loving calls "AMY"...I think she might have just combined their names or something?

I've been working hard on our house...particularly Laney's room. We're kind of redoing it. Her room at our old house was TINY...and her room at our new house is HUGE! So we're having to make some adjustments and move things around/buy a few new things/find things on the street corner and bring them home like this rocking chair...

I redid her dresser...the old one, well, I kinda called it the "boobie dresser" because it was white and had tiny pink knobs set really wide on the drawer...TOO MUCH INFO? Maybe? Oh well. Here's the new dresser...I painted it grey and added some new hardware and moved the knobs/pulls to the center. Looks SOOOOOO much better!

One more "homie" thing I've done is I made a Spring wreath! I think I might have seen it on pinterest. It's made from fabric scraps...super easy and super cheap.

And here's a couple of my girl just because I think she's ADORABLE!!! :) Oh! And she wanted me to paint her toe nails the other day...I mean..SERIOUSLY!?!?! I love being the mommy to a girl (not to say I wouldn't LOVE to have a baby boy one day).

Happy Monday, peeps!

Campbell's Birthday

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Several weeks ago Laney and I headed down to the Norris house to celebrate sweet Campbell turning 4--seriously still can't believe she's 4?!!? Woah.

Lizzie planned an ice cream themed party because Campbell LOVES ice cream and basically anything with sugar...little girl has quite the sweet tooth. She had Elisabeth Epperson make the cutest ice cream cone cookies and we had a cake, ice cream and toppings galore! The girlies always have so much fun together. Laney squeals with excitement every time we pull into their drive way--she knows exactly where she is and LOVES it! Here are some pictures from the weekend...









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