Five Favorites

Friday, July 31, 2009
1. Las Maracas- Favorite mexican in town! I love it! Especially the fajitas.

Urban Outfitters. Check it. $68. Lots of colors!

3. Ahh..the scent of lilies in your house! It fills your home up! I love them! Especially these...

4. Favorite design blog- DesignSponge. My favorites are the "befores & afters".

5. When Cottage Living had to stop their magazine, I had to find a new favorite. I'm still searching, but Martha Stewart Living is slowly creeping to the top. I love this idea she had in her latest issue.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!

Five Favorites on Friday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009
TGIF, right?!?! I mean, has it been the SLOWEST week for anyone else? Because we were in Columbus over the weekend, I didn't work on Monday, and yet I thought Friday would never get here!

Round 2 of FFOF:

1. So I have this thing for finding old pieces of furniture and giving them new life. Be it with a coat of paint, new hardware, whatever. (one day I'd like to make a living doing this :)) So one of my favorite things is this piece of hardware!

2. Krave. 10 calories per ounce. Good for you toppings. The perfect tangy sweet taste. If you live in Nashville, stop what you're doing, get in your car, drive to Green Hills and try this NOW!

3. SYTYCD (for those of you who don't do abreve's it's "So you think you can dance?") Every summer I'm searching my TV to find something good to watch. Maybe I should turn off the tube and pick up a book, BUT I still would like to have a couple of good shows to veg out to after a long days work! This one does it for me! So good! If you haven't seen it you should check out this from Wednesday night's episode. Had me in tears!

4. Swoozie's monogrammed picnic basket. This is the perfect throw any last minute items, snacks, cell phone chargers, books, magazines, etc. when you're headed on a road trip. OR you can actually use it for what it was meant for, a picnic basket! This one is my mom's. I have a yellow one!

5. Monogrammed stickers. I love these things to stick on my gifts, or a little cellophane bag of cookies. They make all gifts cuter!

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009
This past weekend we went to Columbus, OH. This is where Eric grew up and all of his family lives. While we were there we had a lot of fun and I got to see a place where Eric loves....

Grandma Em's farm. Even though Eric's grandma is hanging out with Jesus, she's really left such a legacy. Eric loved his "grandma em" and begs me daily to name our first daughter after her, Emaline. We'll see. ;) His aunt Bonnie and her husband now live on the farm. They have lots of this....

and several of these...

We also took a hike up the hill.

It was well worth the extra hour to go to Chilocothe and see where lots of Eric's sweetest memories were.

On our way to the farm Eric made us stop at the "farmer dairy". It's really called "Allen's Pharmacy", but for some reason growing up Eric called it the "farmer dairy" and it stuck! His whole family calls it that now! It's a really charming old shop with a soda shop inside!

Overall we had a great weekend with the fam! I'm very fortunate to have such wonderful inlaws, that always make me feel so welcomed!

Five Favorite Things Fridays

Friday, July 17, 2009
In order to keep myself blogging, I thought I would start a new tradition. It's a list of five of my favorite things!

1. Amy Butler fabric. Love it! Love all her colors, patterns, love it!

2. These blogs! (I'm such a blog stalker) I ready them every day! Check them out! Darby and Erika.

3. Toms. I've been wanting a pair for a while, but I just can't ever decide on which pair, so I keep putting it off. I like these, but in the end might choose a more classic color.

4. Anthropologie dresses. My favorite clothing item (dresses) from my favorite store.

5. And rounding out the top five this week is my favorite summer color! Put this pretty little coral/peachey/pink on your fingers and toes!

OPI "My Chihuahua Bites"

Long time, no blog..

Friday, July 10, 2009
Well, summer kicked off in full swing. It's been a busy one! The month of June was packed full with VBS, Youth Camp, children's and youth events, etc. etc. It was a pretty stressful month, but it ended well with my family vacation over the 4th of July in Sandestin, FL.

Since I've been gone so long I feel like I have so much to catch you up on...

There's a new addition to our family....

And with it I've made a few things....

These are little burp rags to give away to all my friends/family with new babies on the way!

I also made a throw pillow for our den. I'm no expert yet, but I'm catching on!

To finish this post I'll leave you with a few pictures from our beach trip. It was wonderful and I wish I was still there! :)

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