We moved!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Well the last four weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least. Christmas came and went, then new year's, then Eric and my 3 year anniversary and on January 5th we packed up all our stuff from our storage unit and everything from my mom's and moved to MEMPHIS, TN!! Phew! Crazy times, but so exciting!


Eric started his new job today. Memphis has great opportunities for nurses and when Eric got a couple of job offers up here we just couldn't refuse them.

This post is mainly for my sister--because she keeps bugging me to see pictures of my house. :) I was going to hold off until we got it a little more "together" around here, but let's be real...will it ever really be "together"...Probably not. So here's a little peak into our living room/family room...




We've moved into this great house that has all the charms of an older home. We keep saying it's the perfect home to rent. You get all the fun of living in an older house, but you don't have to pay for the upkeep! :)



This room is filled with so many flea market finds. I was able to find these chairs at eastbrook and recover them with some old fabric my mom had. I really love this little nook!




There's still SO much to do in this room. The big chair still needs to be recovered...there are empty picture frames EVERYWHERE! Drapes that still need to be hemmed, but for now we're feeling good about our progress and are just going to take it day by day.





I did experiment with annie sloan chalk paint. It was really fun to work with! Not as cheap as buying a quart of paint from home depot or lowes...the paint and waxes cost me close to $100, but the results are great!




Ok, that's all I got for now. As we make some more progress I promise to post some more pictures of the house, Lizzie. :)

I probably shouldn't finish this post with out mentioning that Eric's birthday is tomorrow!!!!! It's a big one, people. I'm excited to welcome him into the 30 club! His parents were here this past weekend to celebrate, and some of our very favorite friends in the whole wide world are heading over this coming weekend to celebrate!! Favorite friends---the guest room is ready and waiting..!!!!!!!! :))))))
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