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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, it’s been a week since I last blogged and all I can say is that we’ve been busy, slightly stressed out and a little overwhelmed. Eric has started interviewing for jobs and, well, it looks like we’ll be MOVING! (See why I might be a little stressed/overwhelmed :))

Picnik collage

We spent last weekend in Montgomery (that’s where his interview was) and we’re going back again this weekend for another interview. So, I’m sure you smarties have figured it out by now…we’re moving to Montgomery! Woah. Not to put down Montgomery, it’s where I grew up, it’s where my mom lives, and where some of my best friends still are, but we’re big city folks, so it’s gonna be an adjustment to say the least. :)

Picnik collage

I quit my job yesterday. Another BIG WOAH. Not that yesterday was my last day, I’ll be working until May 24th, but that was a big deal for me. I was super nervous to tell the big boss man, but I work in a church, so of course he was SUPER encouraging and prayed with me. Now, what will I be doing once we move to Montgomery? I’m going to stay home with Laney :) and I’m also hoping to be doing a little of THIS!


I was lucky enough to do my first newborn shoot over the weekend. My best friend (since 2nd grade) had her first baby! Hudson wasn’t due for another 10 days, but it was his time, so he showed up on Tuesday April 12th! We did the shoot on Saturday; he was only 5 days old! You can check out more photos from the session here. It’s not every day that you get to do a photo shoot with your future son-in-law as a newborn! :) Hehe…but seriously, arranged marriages are ok with me. This is totally off subject, but do you ever wonder what our kids will think when they read our blogs someday in the distant future. Will Laney be like, “geez mom why’d you tell the whole world that I was a surprise?!?” “Then you went and promised me to Hudson Bradshaw?!” Haha.


Anyway, I'm very excited for my husband. He is going to be the best nurse. He is so patient, so caring and completely dedicated to his work. Any hospital would be lucky to have him! :)


Ok, that's enough big news for one blog post. I hope everyone's having a great week!

B'day Wish List

Monday, April 11, 2011
When I say this is my birthday wish list...I really mean it! Like I'm doubting I could recieve any of these gifts this year. But a girl can dream, right?!!

bday wish list

1- monogrammed iphone 4 case 2- a trip to san fransisco 3- ray ban wayfarer 4- ipad 2 5- crumpler 5 million dollar camera bag 6- jcrew watch 7- letter necklace 8- anthro dress

Hope your weekend was better than mine! :) Happy Monday.


Friday, April 8, 2011

My poor baby girl has her first ear infection. It's interesting though, I've heard that with ear infections your kids don't sleep well, but Laney slept until 8:30 this morning and has been napping for the past hour and a half. I'm hoping we caught it a little early. She started running a fever yesterday and we had a scheduled well visit this morning. So the doctor checked out her ears and said, "well it looks like an ear infection, guys."

PS- Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our pediatrician and his office. They are SO nice, quick and easy. And it doesn't hurt that there's a sweet cece's right below their office.

Also, we got some REALLY exciting news today, that I can't share quite yet. I know, what a tease! I'll hopefully share with you soon!

Until then, I'm going to tend to my sick and cuddly baby girl.

Happy weekend!

Downtown Franklin

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I love downtown Franklin. I really just love it. It's probably one of the most adorable downtowns I've ever been too. Saturday was BEAUTIFUL here in Nashville and we just wanted to be outside, so I talked Eric into driving us down to Franklin to spend the afternoon.


We had lunch at Franklin Mercantile. Which was just soooo yummy. Then we decided to take Laney in the toy store. It was SO much fun! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, her or us!



I wanted to buy her everything in the store, but my budget conscience husband loving talked me out of it. This little Noah’s ark was super adorable, though. She loved it. It even has piano keys at the top of the ark. Her little hands reached out for every bright and colorful object in the entire store.

Picnik collage

She's also loving being on her feet! She can crawl around like nobody's bussiness, but when she can pull up on something she does and she loves it! Lately I've been letting her pull up on the back of the couch and play with the blinds (see maybe I should buy her some toys).

Picnik collage

Here she is eating paper. Also, another sign that we might need a few age appropriate toys.


Ok, back to dt Franklin. We stopped in a few more shops. There's this one place called "Hey Day" that is really cute. They have a little baby section in the back of the store that I loved walking through when I was pregnant. Now that Laney is here, we only get to walk through the front of the shop. You know how it is with strollers and little shops.



Anyway, that was our Saturday.

Thanks everyone for the comments on the post about my childhood! :) I'm working on another one for next week. Mommy, I need some more pictures of me in middle school, preferably with some of my friends. Can you get on that for me? Thanks! :)


Have a lovely hump day, folks!

The Final Countdown

Monday, April 4, 2011

Duhn...duhn...duhn. My birthday is rapidly approaching and as of today I am 30 days away from turning 30!! I'm honestly kind of excited about it? I feel like it's made me reminisce about the past 30 years. I might use this time on the good ‘ole blog to look back and see where I’ve really come from. So, if you get bored with old pictures and funny stories, then check back with me after May 4th (don't worry I'll have other posts sprinkled in). :) But until then…


Let’s start with the early years. I’m the first born of four kids, so for the first three years of my life I was an only child. I can only imagine I milked that for all it was worth. My siblings still complain that being the first child AND grandchild on both sides made me a tad bit bossy, selfish and have the need to, most often than not, be the center of attention. I would like to focus on the positive here and translate those things as meaning: I am an excellent delegator, self confident, and life of the party. :)



When I look back on pictures of me as a child I tend to always be hugging my brother, Walker. I can’t help but think that my love for people started at an early age. I couldn’t have been more excited to gain a little brother, but I had no idea how great of a brother I was really gaining (Side note- Walker’s birthday is Friday). He is a rock, a protector, selfless, loving, giving, an amazing husband to my SIL, a hard worker, a great friend and an even better brother.



It wasn’t but about 20 months later that I gained a sister, sweet little Lizzie! Since I said so many nice things about Walker, I guess I should share what I appreciate about my sis. She’s the type of mother I hope I can be to my kids. She is so patient, so calm, sweet to the core, loving, and a great cook! She has always had a quiet confidence in herself and is never too shy to speak up for what she believes is right. I love her and her babies. :)


So, it seemed as though our little family had fallen into place. My mommy had birthed two girls and a boy. All seemed right. Until….SURPRISE!! Baby Jack came along! I was nine when he was born. I remember helping a lot more with Jack than I did with my other siblings. I would like to hope that I was some relief to my mom. Jack was the cutest kid EVER! He was SO funny! I remember him telling jokes all the time. The other thing I remember about him is how much people loved him! They just loved being around him!


Ok, so let’s hit up some highlights of the first ten year of my life. Here are the things that I can remember…

• Swinging on the swing in my backyard.
• Riding my bike.
• Playing with friends like:
Pruitt Liles, Tyler Ely, Katie Hughes, Erin Mitchell, Katherine Bissell, Jimbo & Katharine Nation (yes, I used your maiden names for old times sake :))
• Taking ballet class
• Going to Camp Saddle Rock
• Starting school at Trinity
• Singing “the warrior is a child” in the talent show with Erin


Well, I’m feeling all nostalgic now! Gosh, I could cry! :)

Ok, well, before I go I have to share this. When I was googling images of a birthday cake for that top picture I ran across this...


How hilarious/sad is that!?!

Ok, folks, happy Monday!
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