The Final Countdown

Monday, April 4, 2011

Duhn...duhn...duhn. My birthday is rapidly approaching and as of today I am 30 days away from turning 30!! I'm honestly kind of excited about it? I feel like it's made me reminisce about the past 30 years. I might use this time on the good ‘ole blog to look back and see where I’ve really come from. So, if you get bored with old pictures and funny stories, then check back with me after May 4th (don't worry I'll have other posts sprinkled in). :) But until then…


Let’s start with the early years. I’m the first born of four kids, so for the first three years of my life I was an only child. I can only imagine I milked that for all it was worth. My siblings still complain that being the first child AND grandchild on both sides made me a tad bit bossy, selfish and have the need to, most often than not, be the center of attention. I would like to focus on the positive here and translate those things as meaning: I am an excellent delegator, self confident, and life of the party. :)



When I look back on pictures of me as a child I tend to always be hugging my brother, Walker. I can’t help but think that my love for people started at an early age. I couldn’t have been more excited to gain a little brother, but I had no idea how great of a brother I was really gaining (Side note- Walker’s birthday is Friday). He is a rock, a protector, selfless, loving, giving, an amazing husband to my SIL, a hard worker, a great friend and an even better brother.



It wasn’t but about 20 months later that I gained a sister, sweet little Lizzie! Since I said so many nice things about Walker, I guess I should share what I appreciate about my sis. She’s the type of mother I hope I can be to my kids. She is so patient, so calm, sweet to the core, loving, and a great cook! She has always had a quiet confidence in herself and is never too shy to speak up for what she believes is right. I love her and her babies. :)


So, it seemed as though our little family had fallen into place. My mommy had birthed two girls and a boy. All seemed right. Until….SURPRISE!! Baby Jack came along! I was nine when he was born. I remember helping a lot more with Jack than I did with my other siblings. I would like to hope that I was some relief to my mom. Jack was the cutest kid EVER! He was SO funny! I remember him telling jokes all the time. The other thing I remember about him is how much people loved him! They just loved being around him!


Ok, so let’s hit up some highlights of the first ten year of my life. Here are the things that I can remember…

• Swinging on the swing in my backyard.
• Riding my bike.
• Playing with friends like:
Pruitt Liles, Tyler Ely, Katie Hughes, Erin Mitchell, Katherine Bissell, Jimbo & Katharine Nation (yes, I used your maiden names for old times sake :))
• Taking ballet class
• Going to Camp Saddle Rock
• Starting school at Trinity
• Singing “the warrior is a child” in the talent show with Erin


Well, I’m feeling all nostalgic now! Gosh, I could cry! :)

Ok, well, before I go I have to share this. When I was googling images of a birthday cake for that top picture I ran across this...


How hilarious/sad is that!?!

Ok, folks, happy Monday!

7 comments to The Final Countdown:

Tyler Watson said...

I made your blog!!! love it = ) Happy early bday to you!

Lele said...

Oh just wait...I'm working on another post and I have a really funny picture of us at the beach with my family! :)

sfain said...

teardrop...sob...BOOHOO!!!! (that pic of you in the cabinet looks like Laney)

eRic said...

laney looks like her mom

Katie said...

Lele, I LOVED this post!! I have such wonderful memories of our friendship! It's hard to believe that in just a few months our little girls will be celebrating their 1st birthday!!

taylor said...

what a fun post!

Ann said...

Awww...that's right. You are about to have the big 30 Bday. I have crossed over and it's not bad. When I was looking at your post, Ellie said, "Who is that?" I said, "My friend, Lele." She said, "Who is Lele?" That made me so sad that she said that. I wish we were closer!

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