Downtown Franklin

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I love downtown Franklin. I really just love it. It's probably one of the most adorable downtowns I've ever been too. Saturday was BEAUTIFUL here in Nashville and we just wanted to be outside, so I talked Eric into driving us down to Franklin to spend the afternoon.


We had lunch at Franklin Mercantile. Which was just soooo yummy. Then we decided to take Laney in the toy store. It was SO much fun! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, her or us!



I wanted to buy her everything in the store, but my budget conscience husband loving talked me out of it. This little Noah’s ark was super adorable, though. She loved it. It even has piano keys at the top of the ark. Her little hands reached out for every bright and colorful object in the entire store.

Picnik collage

She's also loving being on her feet! She can crawl around like nobody's bussiness, but when she can pull up on something she does and she loves it! Lately I've been letting her pull up on the back of the couch and play with the blinds (see maybe I should buy her some toys).

Picnik collage

Here she is eating paper. Also, another sign that we might need a few age appropriate toys.


Ok, back to dt Franklin. We stopped in a few more shops. There's this one place called "Hey Day" that is really cute. They have a little baby section in the back of the store that I loved walking through when I was pregnant. Now that Laney is here, we only get to walk through the front of the shop. You know how it is with strollers and little shops.



Anyway, that was our Saturday.

Thanks everyone for the comments on the post about my childhood! :) I'm working on another one for next week. Mommy, I need some more pictures of me in middle school, preferably with some of my friends. Can you get on that for me? Thanks! :)


Have a lovely hump day, folks!

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