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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I think every time I've blogged this summer it's been about a trip we went on and I want to remember the day to day stuff we did this summer, so here it goes.

My husband doesn't like to wear shirts. Especially in Alabama. Most of these pictures he will be shirtless. I try to tell him to put his shirt back on, but he tells me that the worst feeling in the world for him is to be wearing a sweaty shirt (except while he's working out, he says that's ok).

Does anyone else's one year old LOVE to walk as much as mine does? Seriously, I can't get her to sit still, even to play with the coolest toy ever made, she won't stop. She may pick up a toy for a second, but then throw it down on the ground and keep walking. It's exhausting. Late in the afternoon, usually right before dinner, we go outside and I let her walk up and down the street (on the sidewalk, of course!) until she poops out. Note to self: she usually doesn't poop out. I often have to drag her back in the house because it's time to eat.



Eric and I have had a HUGE craving for Krispy Kreme. The first time we went and picked up a few "hot ones now." I told him about how, in college, we used to drive from Auburn at midnight just to get some hot ones. They are just SO GOOD. Last night we went and got one, and we brought Laney-baby back some donut holes for breakfast and a hat. She really liked the hat.



She REALLY liked tearing the hat apart. :)




We've Eric also helped my mom do a little yard work. Laney likes to think she helped a little too.



We've also spent a lot of time laughing and playing with our cute Laney-boo.



That's all for now. My sister and her girls are coming down here tomorrow! We always love to visit with our cousins!

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David S. Lewis said...

That chile is overly cute. Can't wait to see you guys!

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