Happy Friday & a Recipe.

Friday, March 25, 2011

So I'm really busy with wedding stuff...but I just wanted to share a recipe from Emily's blog (this is a different Emily...I have A LOT of Emily's in my life).


This Emily is wife to Jacob, who is Eric's best friend. Eric and Jacob talk on the phone like women do. I mean they talk about all things sporty, like OSU, Bengals, ect. But it's still weird to me how often they talk and how giggly Eric gets when he's on the phone with Jacob. Anyway, Emily is a FABULOUS photographer and she recently shared this yummy recipe for "Rocky Road Rice Krispy Treats" on her blog. Check it out!

*Photographs courtesy of emilybphoto

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Emily said...

Thanks Lele! I always enjoy eaves dropping on Jake and Eric's phone calls. They crack me up!

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