Spring has sprung.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I always dread the months of January and February. They make me feel so in between...does that make sense? It's post holiday, which always makes me sad, and it's pre-spring. It's always so cold and dreary. And this year we got WAY too much snow.



Well today is March 21st, which means that my baby is 9 months old and Spring is officially here (as of yesterday). We set our clocks back last week, which means it's daylight longer and I'm loving that! The weather is warmer and I'm about to bust out the flip flops and spring dresses. I'm a happy girl!


Happy Monday, folks!

4 comments to Spring has sprung.:

JenniferTramel said...

Lele! Everything looks gorgeous! The watermark, the coloring, the lighting, THE PHOTOS! BEAUTIFUL! I'm pretty sure I need to schedule a photoshoot sometime soon!

Emily said...

I can totally tell a difference with the new camera. Those photos are awesome!!!

MFL said...

inspired by your photography, girl!

Lele said...

Thanks everybody! Y'all are so encouraging to me! :)

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