Bag-a-li-cious & a Baby.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emily's wedding is this Saturday! Holy cow! So, to tote all her stuff around on Saturday I made her this bag in her wedding colors! I love it! I told her I liked it so much I might keep it for myself (I was feeling extra selfish that day). I know, I know, so I got over myself and I'm giving it to her today. Eric even liked it so much he told me I needed to make one just like it for myself. Isnt' he funny?! I love him for caring about my sewing and thinking things I make are cute. He's sweet like that. He even modeled the bag for me to show you, but I decided I'd spare him the humiliation this time and not post that picture. :)


I also finished up her last apron. Which, reminds me, I know I promised a tutorial, and it's coming soon, just not yet. Might have to wait until after the wedding for that one.


And because I still can't believe I have a thriving, crawling, pulling up, teeth bearing 9 month old, here's some pictures to prove it.




Whoop! Have a good Wednesday folks!

3 comments to Bag-a-li-cious & a Baby.:

Justin said...

Love that Bag Lele!! So cute !

Justin said...

And that was from becka, not Justin! haha...

sfain said...

pics r beautiful!! apron and bag r adorable!!!!

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