Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is Emily. She is SUPER hard to surprise. She loves to be in control, ahem, plan things, so she's usually never surprised. Well, with the guidance of we got her!

This past weekend was Emily's 10 year high school reunion. That meant all of her friends would be in town. It was the PERFECT time for all of her bridesmaids to get together with her just to celebrate her recent engagement to Joshy-poo. Elizabeth planned the whole thing. She asked Emily if just the two of them could get together for dinner Thursday night. *Side note- lives in NYC and she's a comedian/cupcake maker/something else. She's SUPER DUPER funny. Watch out for her, she could be the next star of SNL. Also, she somehow managed to not be in a picture. :( Ok, back to the surprise. The rest of us gathered at Taco Mamacita and waited for their arrival. She seriously didn't see it coming. In fact she almost walked right by us as we were yelling "surprise."



We had a lot of fun. Laughed a lot.


We love you, Em! Can't wait for March 26th! Whoop! Whoop!

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emily said...

...and this is why I don't like surprises. hello? can't you at least give me some make up in these pictures?!?! just kidding! i LOVED my surprise! such great friends!

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