Last minute.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm usually a planner. All week I've been asking Eric if I can go to Montgomery this weekend because Lizzie, Campbell, Adeline, Walker and Emily will all be there. All week he's told me no, that he didn't really want me to go. So I told him that was fine and we made plans to do a couple of things this weekend. Last night right before we went to sleep he tells me that he thinks I should go! Ha! Men! I asked him why and he said he has 3 quizzes, 1 test and 1 project all due next week, as well as needing to mow 6 yards (his side job). He didn't think we would get to spend much time together, and he really needs to do well on his school stuff next week.

I didn't mind not planning this time! Of course I'm super excited to head to Montgomery! I got to work this morning and had to ask my boss if it was ok if I took off Friday. She's super nice and said yes! WOO HOO!! So little Laney and I are leaving today at 4:30 to go to Montgomery! We're so excited! Especially Laney, she just kept saying how happy she is to get to see Sissy again! haha.

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Kat said...

She is just precious!!!

Anonymous said...

3 tests, 1 quiz, 1 paper.

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