Mean girls.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last weekend Laney and I drove down to b'ham. On our way there we stopped in Athens, AL at Chick-fil-a to eat with Lizzie, Campbell and Addy. We had a great time visiting, but more on the weekend later, I have a story to tell.

Here's the deal. We were all done eating and Campbell wanted to play on the indoor playground. Lizzie got up and walked her over to the area to let her in to play. At the time there were two other little girls in there, they were probably a little older, they might have been 3 or 4. Sweet, precious Campbell walks up to them and pats one of the girls on the arm to say "hi." The little girl turns around, hardly gives Campbell a glance before she shoves her away!! Campbell sweetly took a few steps back, crossed her little arms in front of her body, and gave them a sweet little grin. IT. BROKE. MY. HEART. I wanted to walk in there and tell that little girl a thing or two! It hurt my feelings! The rest of the time the two little girls kept calling Campbell a baby, and even blamed their pee-pee accident on the steps on her! They kept saying, "that baby in the polka dot pants peed on the step!" It was awful. I finally looked at Lizzie and said, "we gotta get outta here." She agreed.


As I pulled away from Athens and drove for the next hour and half I just kept thinking about the situation. My insides were still fuming from those girls. The Lord gently spoke to my heart to try and calm me down. He is such the perfect Father. He sent His perfect Son to the earth and he was completely "rejected and despised." I can't imagine the way the Father's heart broke for His perfect Son, and yet I know His heart broke for His imperfect little Campbell. I am so thankful for a God who understands.

Picnik collage

I'm sure Campbell hardly noticed the way those girls treated her. She's so resilient and just went about playing. I know there's many more mean girl days ahead of her, but I'm thankful that God understands.

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Sugar Belles said...

I figured this would be the title...
Boo for mean girls!!

sfain said...

It's a good thing Sissy wasn't there to deal with those mean girls!!!!!

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