3 months

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Happy 3 months, Laney-boo!


You are growing so quickly it's hard to believe! A couple of weeks ago you rolled over for the first time and just over the weekend you started making all sorts of new noises! You've started squealing and I think it's hilarious. I usually laugh at you a lot and you think you're really funny. Your favorite position is sitting up. You love to see everything and everyone around you.

Daddy thinks your really cute and when I take you away for the weekend he tells me I'm mean because I've stolen his baby. You guys really like each other because you get to hang out every morning for a few hours while I go to work. It kind of makes me jealous, but I'm really happy you two have bonded so well. You love to watch the football games with him on Saturday. It's real cute. He wants you to like Ohio State, but we all know you're going to end up being an Auburn girl like your momma. :)

School is going ok for you. You don't like to sleep there, which makes it really hard when we get home in the afternoon and you're SUPER tired. They tell me you like to talk to your teachers and you smile a lot. You love to swing. You're the youngest in your class and I think you're going to learn all sorts of new tricks from your friends.

You just got your first cold. You had a really runny nose and it was hard for you to sleep at night. I'm hoping you end up with a really strong immune system.

We really like hanging out together. We usually dance and sing. You especially love it when I sing songs to you because I make funny faces and dance with you. We laugh a lot. You can't totally laugh yet, but you're trying really hard. You have the BEST smile and it melts my heart every time I see it. Every. Single. Time.

We love you a lot, Laney-boo! Happy 3 months!

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