Snow Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I feel like by this point I could have MANY posts titled snow day. It's snowed a lot here this winter, and unfortunately TDOT is never quite ready to handle all the snow. The snow we got last night wasn't that bad, but we weren't prepared for it AT ALL. The roads are way slick because they didn't put down any salt. I'm not complaining though, it means I get to spend my day with my girl. Poor Eric had to get up and go to the hospital at 6am. He drove there verrrryyy slowly.


Ok, so, I never get to watch morning shows because I work, but Laney's asleep so I'm watching Kathie Lee & Hoda. When I was on maternity leave I watched them, and they got on my nerves, but somehow they've grown on me. They just showed a video clip of a boy who caught his dad dancing to Brittany Spear's "Toxic". It was hilarious. I think he was dancing with the Wii and some of the moves were SOOOOOO funny, especially when you see a grown man doing them.


Anyway, my boss asked me to make a strawberry cake for him to give his wife for valentines day. I use Paula Deen's recipe, and it's delicious, as are most things by Paula Deen. I think that's how I'll spend part of my snow day. Oh! Also Old Navy is having a big kids/baby sale. I ran out there yesterday and got a few things for Laney. She needed some clothes for school. The sale wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but I still managed to get a few things ($5 each).



I added a little something to the pink one just for fun.

Gosh, this has turned into such a random post. Ok, that's all I've got on this snow day.

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emily said...

i know a certain event that yellow stripe outfit will be PERFECT for!!!

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