owls and fireworks.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Baby Olive is due to arrive any day now! Ryan has done a great job on her nursery. It is adorable! Ryan is a FANTASTIC artist, so she painted an owl to go over her crib, and I couldn't help but jump on the owl bandwagon and make her a pillow to go in the nursery.


I browsed the creative pages of etsy for some inspiration. There are some really cute owl pillows out there (if any of you are looking), but this one was my favorite.


In other news Daddy is working late at the hospital tonight, so Laney and I watch last night Glee's episode when we got home from work. Which...side note...took 30 MINUTES and I live 2 MILES AWAY FROM WHERE I WORK! Nashville is in complete gridlock because of this snow storm. Ok, back on track, we really liked last nights episode. Especially when Lea Michele busted out Katy Perry's "Firework." We definitely had a dance party. Laney loved it. She was hilarious.

Picnik collage

I hope you all stay warm and cozy!

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Ann said...

Hey Lele! Love the owl! The other day, I called the number that I have for you in my phone. A lady answered and said, "You have the wrong number." I should've known since it was a 334 #. Will you send me a facebook message with your number? I would love to chat and also wanted to ask questions about your camera and lenses and stuff like that, a few sewing questions too.

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