Tuesday, February 22, 2011
What a crazy fun weekend!! I would have blogged about it yesterday, but I was still in recovery.

baby olive

Baby Olive decided to make her arrival on Thursday morning. We are all so excited about the new addition to the Hester family. She's super adorable!

PS- Can we talk about how super adorable Ryan looks MOMENTS after giving birth?!!




Picnik collage


Then Scait got married! We were all busy Friday/Saturday trying to create the perfect space for their wedding. It turned out beautifully, however, I have no pictures to show for it. I did get a few at the rehearsal dinner, though.

Picnik collage


These are Caitlin's best friends from college. They were SO fun! I loved getting to know them a little better.

I have to say, Scott and Caitlin's cermony was probably the sweetest wedding ceremony I've ever witnessed. I've never seen two people so evidently committed to each other and to the Lord. Caitlin walked down the aisle to Chad singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness." I wish everyone could have seen her face after she reached the alter and he sang the last chorus. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Sunday morning we drove down to North Alabama to have lunch with my family and to celebrate 3 years of Campbell!


Picnik collage


Can you tell that Laney loves Campbell?? :) She was about to jump out of her seat just to play with her.

Picnik collage


Picnik collage

Emily- Somehow my camera did end up with a decent picture of all of us? I mean, I look like I could use a nap, but everyone else looks fabulous!


I do feel like all of those events totally deserved their own post, but in an effort to try and catch up I had to capture it all in one.

Happy Tuesday peeps!

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Emily said...

oh yours did turn out cute!! will you e-mail it to me? so glad we got to see you guys this weekend, although it was way to fast :(

sfain said...

just reading the blog reminds me how exhausting a weekend we had!!! BUT, what fun!!! GREAT PICS, Lele!!

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