Big Girl.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
My baby is turning into a big girl.


She sits up, has two teeth and drinks from a sippy cup (kinda). Although she would rather drink out of mommy's cup that doesn't have a lid.


Anyway, besides my baby growing up, we went to Montgomery last weekend to help throw a shower for one of my longest and best friends, Erin.


I've known Erin since I was five, but we didn't become besties until we were 7. I think we bonded when we decided to sing "the Warrior is a Child" (remember that one?! we're old school) in our school's talent show. I'm sure I was much more unsure of the whole thing than Erin. She's always had a knack for the theater. She even lived in NYC for a while pursuing her acting career.


She's preggo with her first baby. Hudson is due at the end of April and Laney is very excited to meet her future suitor. :) Have I ever mentioned I have no problems with arranged marriages? Especially when they are between my daughter and my best friends son? I'm ok with that (phew, glad that's out there).



The shower was a really great time to see some old friends...



...and their sweet babies...



I hope every one's having a great week. Can you believe it's February!?!


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Anonymous said...

I had so much fun seeing you at the shower! you really should become a photographer your pictures are great!!

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