One Year

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday Eric and I celebrated our one year anniversary! We were really excited to head to Atlanta for a night to stay here and eat here!

Remember this guy?


He is the chef at Woodfire. It was such a WONDERFUL experience. When we made our reservations a while back we told them it was our anniversary, so when we sat down at our table the waiter walked over and busted open a bottle of champagne! (I had only one sip, after our sweet toast). Our food was delicious. Eric kept saying all day, "I don't care how much more it is, I want beef." So we ordered the beef loin to share, and a couple of first courses to share as well. After dinner we went to cafe intermezzo to eat dessert.

It was just such a wonderful way to celebrate a year of marriage. We kept laughing about how next year we'll need a babysitter to get out and celebrate year two!

Thanks, Eric, for being such a wonderful husband and leader of our family. Your patience and love towards me is so humbling. You are so full of integrity and I am so blessed to be your wife. I hope if this little baby is a boy he turns out to be just like his dad! :)

**Update on Campbell: She's having a biopsy this afternoon. The doctors at Children's are thinking it has to do with the bacterial infection, but we'll know more after the biopsy.

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