Nursing School

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Next week Eric starts nursing school. We are both SO excited and a little scared. Eric doesn't just want to stop with his RN, but continue on in his education and be CRNA. This means he has to do REALLY well in school so that we have some options when it comes to grad school.

He's really excited to go back to Belmont. They have a great nursing program, and they have the option of the "fast track" which gets him in and out of school in 4 semesters! So he will be an RN May 2011.

I think Eric will make a GREAT nurse. He has one of the most level personalities. He stays SO calm in every situation (except Ohio State football :)). He's also really caring and loves to talk to strangers. I hope that all his future patients leave the hospital feeling really cared for by Eric. He's very hopeful that he can use his nursing in the mission field to go on lots of mission trips in the future.

Eric is such a hardworker. I know the Lord will bless his efforts.

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Emily Fain said...

aww, yay eric!! i would certainly want him taking care of the people i love. if only the uniform were all white...

emily said...

woo hoo! happy first week of school eric!

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