favorite things (while preggo)

Monday, January 11, 2010
Since being pregnant there have been a few things that I have found REALLY helpful.

Such as this...

night cream
My skin is SO dry! And the winter winds do not help at all, but since I started using this every night, things seem to have MUCH improved!

Also, these..

I'm very happy to be craving salads! I always worried I would get pregant and crave all things bad for me (and I do realize there's still plenty of time for that), but for now these seem to satisfy most of my cravings. Also, at 16 weeks I've only gained 5 lbs. So I think my salad eating/craving is working! PTL!

And these are REALLY helpful!

Of course, my sense of smell is hightened! And these help keep my WHOLE house smelling perfectly wonderful! Even stinky boys, old dogs, and food seem to be overpowered by these candles.

Happy Monday!

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taylor said...

Lele!! i didn't know you had a blog- i'm so excited I can keep up with your life! Miss you my friend! Congrats on the baby!! whoohoo!

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