A Shower for Emily & Josh.

Monday, January 10, 2011

One of my closest friends in Nashville is Emily. We officially met very soon after I moved here because I was interning at a church that she had just finished interning at. Actually, we met years before that, but barely remember each other. She was working at First Baptist Nashville while I was working at First Montgomery and we did camp together. I think she probably remembers me as the spastic cheerleader and I remember her as the intimidating red head. Anyway, after I moved here she immediately befriended me and started inviting me to all of her stellar parties.





Emily is a party planner at heart (she planned my super cute baby shower). Which makes planning a party for her SUPER intimidating! But 12 of us girls took on the challenge. I hope we met her expectations. It was a lovely night.


We fed about 70 people a dinner of vermicelli chicken, salad, rolls and some super yummy desserts. It was a great way to celebrate Emily and Josh.

Picnik collage



I feel especially excited about them getting married because I set them up (insert a little pat myself on the back here :))! Josh was having a going away party for our dear friends Ben and Erin. When we showed up he had ordered pizza from his favorite pizza place, had decorated his outdoor space a little and was so excited to host the party. I immediately thought this is a guy for Emily!





I asked Josh if he'd mind if I set him up with my pretty redheaded friend and he excitedly said YES! About a week later we all met at J. Alexanders for dinner and the rest is history!





I can't wait to stand beside you guys on your big day!

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emily said...

great shower! great friends! thanks for introducing me to my husband.

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