Keep'n it real.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Ok, so my house is a total wreck. I even cleaned up Christmas and it still looks like poo.

Let me just show you...

Here is the pile that is sitting behind my back door. A bin full of kitchen stuff and a bag of maternity clothes, plus the ingredients for vermicelli chicken that I'm making for a shower this weekend.


Ok, moving on...Sitting behind our kitchen table is the twin brass bed frame that was in Laney's room. Yep, it's sitting in our kitchen! WHAT IN THE WORLD!?!


Just wait, it gets worse. Here is a pile of trash sitting in my bedroom from where I cleaned out our closet.


Also, here's a pile of stuff that I need to see if my sister wants. My foot grew when I was pregnant, and now these merrells don't fit. Sad day. (See Lizzie, do you like them? Or any of these scarves?)


Ok, last but not least: My little sewing nook. It's a disaster...


So here's the bright side of things, kinda. The reason we're cleaning out and have piles everywhere is because we're about to try and sell our house! Yep, in this terrible market, we want to sell! Haha. We're really trusting the Lord in this. We do have a backup plan if it doesn't sell, but we're really praying and trusting that it will sell soon (please pray with us).

Also, my favorite fabric store is having it's semi-annual SALE! 40% off the all the fabric in the store!!! It's one of the best months of the year for me! I will probably go in there at least twice a week during the month of January.


Also, did you notice the pretty lilies in my kitchen? They're from my sweet hubs. He got them for me on our anniversary Monday.


He's the cutest. We got to celebrate our anniversary while we were in Columbus over the weekend. He took me to dinner at Hyde Park and then we went to see "The King's Speech." To be honest, we fell asleep during the movie. What parts we did see made us very sad that we couldn't keep ourselves awake to watch it. I know it was a really good movie, but we were really tired.

(I promise, he wasn't trying to model. I think I yelled his name and this was the look he gave me. :))

Emily, Walker and Mommy: I promise I will do my best to have our house semi-organized before you get here on Friday!!

Ok, I gotta go try and clean up some of this mess. Later, folks.

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sfain said...


emily said...

I spy the letter "E" name starts with E...and what looks like the makings of a banner. hmmmm....

Ann said...

Your sewing nook looks better than mine. But I do have that Amy Butler book. What have you made out of it?

Your trash pile reminds me of our dorm room days. Remember when we wondered how long it would take to overflow if neither one of us took it out? Those were such fun times. Seriously. Trash and all.

Love the messy house shots! Keep keepin' it real.

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