Monday, January 17, 2011
We've been feeling a lot like this...



I've been out for count lately. I started feeling really awful Wednesday night and thought it was just a bad cold. Thursday morning I got up, took my temp (fine) and got ready for work. By 9:30 I had a fever, so I took off and went to the doctor. Strep Throat. Yuck. I don't know if I've ever had strep before, but if I have it was so long ago I don't remember. I felt terrible Thursday and Friday, but am MUCH better now.


However, my little one started running a fever on Saturday and she hasn't been herself lately. :( We talked to her pediatrician and he didn't seem too worried. Her fever wasn't very high and it was gone about 24 hours later. But she still has been pretty pathetic/VERY fussy. I'm thinking her second tooth is coming in (anyone else have a similar experience with their kids cutting teeth??).


Anyway, I've been loving reading other people's posts about the national championship! WAR EAGLE! I've been living vicariously through you all. It feels good to be a champion! Amen?!?


Also, we got A LOT of snow here last week. So much so, that I'm good for the rest of the year. So, Mr. Weather, if you can hear me, I'd like no more snow until 2012. Thanks.


I think being cooped up inside plus being sick has taken it's toll on me and I'm beginning to suffer from the "winter blahs." I'm feeling pretty unmotivated lately. When I get home from work I just want to lay around and forget about the piles of laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning house, not to mention the extra stuff like sewing projects and jillian's 30 day shred (I honestly don't mind skipping out the shred :)).

I hope you aren't suffering from the "winter blahs" too! Have a happy Monday peeps!

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sfain said...

poor baby!! love the snow pics!!!

taylor said...

me too me too! I felt like I was in jail during the snow ha!

aandw said...

1. I hope you feel better!
2. Your daughter is just gorgeous
3. What kind of camera do you use?
5. Adorable pink coat!

Riviera Wedding Planner said...

You daughter is gorgeous and your pics rock. I've got a baby girl too, mine's 10 months now. All the best and talk soon.
Bottom line: I'm following you now.

Emily said...

i love this blog... jacob and i both wish we could be closer to ya'll. Hope everyone's feeling better!
Em B

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