Santa, Snow & Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Thursday night we went to the Green Hills Mall for Laney's first encounter with Santa. Laney's a pretty chill baby, so we weren't really worried about her getting upset when he held her. But, how could anybody be upset when your Santa Clause looks like this guy!!


This was the most LEGIT Santa I've ever seen! His beard was REAL! He even talked like you would think Santa talks. He made me believe! :)



I'm honestly just glad Laney didn't have this reaction to Santa...:)


Ok, so enough with my dramatic antics about Santa, how about the C.O.L.D. OMG! It's been freezing here!! I'm talking single digits, people! We got about 3 inches of snow Sunday night, which meant SNOW DAY for me on Monday! It was wonderful! I didn't take one step out the door all day. I did manage to take a few pictures Sunday afternoon, while the snow was falling.



I think all the cold has really taken it's toll on poor Laney. She has the worst cold! She can't really breath through her nose right now, so she has her mouth open all the time. She's also discovered a love of sweet potatoes. Quite honestly I don't blame her. After all the green beans, peas and squash, I bet the sweet potatoes taste AMAZING!



One more thing. I'm so glad hobby lobby finally has some new fabric! I made a couple of aprons for my sister to give to her friends for Christmas. I think they turned out really cute!


3 comments to Santa, Snow & Sweet Potatoes:

sfain said...

really cute aprons!
Laney really does look perfectly comfy with Santa!
And, fortunately, she also looks good in orange--War Eagle!!

Emily said...

love the aprons! and props to you for getting such awesome photos of laney with santa. does our family santa get to make another debut this year? see you in a week!!!!

Krisan said...

just bought two of those fabrics for a project myself! love hobby lobby. your pictures are so great!

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