Christmas In Montgomery: Recap

Thursday, December 30, 2010
We had such a fantastic week in Montgomery! I was so sad to leave, but it is nice to sleep in our own bed again (esp. little Laney).


Santa showed up on Christmas Eve, but Laney was the only one who would go near him.




He was actually pretty good to Laney this year. He brought her a pottery barn chair, a cute little "5 little monkey's jumping in a bed" thing and some clothes.

Laney's Loot


Santa was really good to the rest of us as well! He (she) brought me some of my favorite things from Anthropologie and J.Crew, some jewelry, and a book. Santa must really like me :).

Campbell and Addy-Paddy both got some new riding toys. And Addy got a pottery barn chair too!!





Addy's Chair

We ate WAY too much yummy food! On Christmas eve we had beef tenderloin, nancy patterson's rice, salad and rolls. This is by far my most favorite meal I eat every year. Jack did a great job cooking the meat on Sissy's new grill. The salad was made by my sister. I know there's not much to a salad. You just dump a bunch of stuff in a bowl and mix it together, but this salad that she makes it OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD (I'll make her write up a post of what's in it soon, bc I don't remember). Sissy made the rice from Nancy Patterson's and it's really some of the best something I've ever put it in my mouth. I should tell her to post that recipe on her blog too!



We always have such a fun night. It seems like every year we share the same funny stories and laugh just as hard each time we hear them. (Like the time I shoved my sister's face into a plate of spaghetti.) We decided that most of the embarrassing stories we share are always about either me, Lizzie or Jack, and it's about time someone share something embarrassing about Walker! So if you read my blog and know a good story about my brother please email me. (It did help that my SIL shared their 5th grade love notes :)).





Since there are so many of us siblings now, we draw names for Christmas gifts. This year Eric and I got Walker and Jack. I secretly hope to get the girls each year, they're just easier to buy for, but I think we did pretty good for the guys this year!



I made Campbell and Adeline matching outfits. They looked really cute. Cam's was a little too big, so I'll need to adjust that (or Sissy, since the top is still at your house, could you do that?):).


My sweet hubs got me the patagonia jacket that I wanted. He's so good to pick up on the hints. :)

Here are just a few more pictures from our week.










We're headed out to Ohio today to spend some time with Eric's parents.

Happy New Year!

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sfain said...

Seeing the pics is like enjoying the week all over again!!! (and, yes, Santa loves you...)

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