Shower for Olive.

Monday, November 15, 2010
Well I didn't take many pictures at Ryan's shower on Saturday, but my friend Emily did. I'm sure she'll have a mega picture loaded post up soon.

I did, however, take some pictures of my gifts for baby Olive.


With inspiration from anthro, I made these fabric letters. Which, I've decided, I'm going to post a tutorial on soon, because I searched and searched for one and NADA! So, if anyone out there has been searching for how to make these anthro fabric letters, I'll help you out. It was a lot of trial and error, but by the time I got to the "E" in Olive, I think I had it figured out! ha. We hung the letters from a tree branch on the mantel. I think it turned out cute!

I also made this peasant top and bloomer set for baby Olive. I really love the way it turned out so much I almost kept it for Laney! I kid.

(because some of you at the shower asked: if you're interested in purchasing a peasant top/bloomer set or commissioning some clothing just send me an email

Oh! I also made a pacifier clip and matching burp cloth.


Ok, that's all for now.

Happy Monday!

5 comments to Shower for Olive.:

Sugar Belles said...

wow! great gifts!!!

Anonymous said...

me! sew one for me!

Ann said...

You're so talented!

AnnaMelissaSmith said...

Patiently awaiting that tutorial. ;)

Kat said...

Such a cute outfit! Got any ideas for boys?!?!

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