Monday, November 8, 2010

It got COLD here this weekend!! I LOVED every second of it! The months of November and December are by FAR my favorite months of the year: cooler weather, scarves, pumpkins, college football, soups, Thanksgiving, family visits, Christmas, New Years Eve! I mean, come on! What's not to love!?


Anyway, our weekend was FANTASTIC! Besides it being really cold outside we got to hang out with some of our favorite people.

Saturday morning Caitlin came over to check out what I had been working on for Ryan's baby shower...and later that afternoon Emily, Molly, Laney and I met up with Caitlin to look at wedding dresses!! It was so fun! (side note- have I mentioned that two of my closest friends are getting married in 2011. Cait in Feb and Em in Mar- we are BUSY people round here).


Isn't she beautiful! That morning, while Caitlin was at our house, she said, "now I really need you to be honest with me when I'm trying on all these dresses." I said, "umm...I will...but just so you know every thing's going to look awesome on you!" And it totally did! (ps- this isn't her dress. That's why I feel like it's ok to show you pictures).

Saturday night we took dinner to our friends, Nathan and Larrisa. They just had a baby boy two weeks ago. His name is Lincoln and he is so cute!

photo courtesy of nathan westerfield.

After the Westerfields we met up with Caitlin and her fiance Scott for dinner. We really haven't hung out with them in a while and it was SO good for our souls, especially poor Eric. He's worn out on school- but that's a whole-nother blog post.

Sunday was church and then we lunched it up with Emily, Josh, Scott and Caitlin. Again, SO good for us. We love our friends, can you tell!?

Happy Monday.

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Emily said...

i love nov and dec too! i come home and immediately change into warm PJ pants. laney's little hat is the cutest. can't wait to see you (and laney-bug) in a couple of weeks!!

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