Thursday, November 4, 2010
This is going to be a really random post. Here we go...

First- I have a new blog title. I am not creative in that department. If I was ever asked to market something, I couldn't do it. Seriously. I can never come up with catchy phrases, EVER. My sister is good at it. Her blog "Boots and Barefeet". I mean, come on, how adorable AND completely describes their little family! So, I'm going to lean on a little Sara Groves to help me out here. "Just showed up." New blog title. Done.

Second- Laney doesn't have much hair. But what little she has I HAVE to brush after her bath each night or it does this...


She looks like a little alph alpha (sp?).

Thirdly- Nursing update: We're doing better. I still haven't figured out why she wouldn't nurse, but I know that now she will. PTL! Glad that's over. And thanks to all of you who offered your support. It was greatly appreciated!

Fourthly- It's November! What the heck!?! Where did October go?! Thanksgiving is 3 weeks from TODAY! Really!?

Fifthly- I've been sewing A LOT lately. First, on addy-paddy's bday gift and now for my friend Ryan's little baby girl on the way! I can't wait to show you!! Maybe I'll post a little teaser pic tomorrow.


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