Souper Fall.

Thursday, October 7, 2010
We've now entered my favorite season of the year, Fall! I love it! Everything about it: the orange and yellow colored leaves in TN, all things pumpkin spice, scarves, corduroys, boots, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a warm and cozy bowl of soup.

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I usually make soup once a week starting the first week of October. And by usually I mean that I just started doing this last year. :)

This week I made Darby's Southwest Chicken Soup. I made it several times last year and we LOVE it! I did make a couple of changes: I use a can of black beans and a can of pinto beans instead of navy, and I add a little extra broth.

Right now I'm in search of a new soup recipe to try out next week. I need something low-cal, low-fat (since I'm still trying to get off that extra 10 lbs of baby weight, PLUS the extra 10 lbs I gained post-wedding because we got preggo only 9 short months after exchanging our vows and I moved in with a boy who eats a significant amount especially when training for a marathon and as long as I ate less than him then I was on track-SIKE! Yes- those 10 lbs.) So I'm thinking about trying this recipe from Southern Living (sans the fried okra and grilled cheese). They have a whole article with LOTS of different soup/stew recipes if you want to check it out.

Anyway, I'm just curious if any of you have any favorite soups. If you do PLEASE help-a-sista-out and let me know!

And because I can't finish a blog with out a shout out to this cutie...Here you go!

Picnik collage

4 comments to Souper Fall.:

Claire said...

We have it! We have that top in kimono onesie form.

Lele said...

Claire! Seriously?!?!? Maybe it's a good thing we don't live in the same city! Our kids would show up matching all the time! But, the next time you're in AL we should go shopping! :)

Anonymous said...

She's so cute Lele! hope you all are doing well

sfain said...

and the soup recipe is??? btw, cute baby!!!!!!!

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