rice cereal.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Laney has started rice cereal. And by started I mean, we shove in her mouth with a spoon and she slowly spits it back out and then gets in her hands and plays with it. Dr. Godfrey said with her weight maybe it was time to start, so here we go! (side note: I love our pediatrician, and not just him but the whole office! We've never had to wait more than about 3 minutes in the waiting room. Once they get us to our room the nurse sees us, about 2 seconds later we see Dr. Godfrey, then the nurse comes back in as soon as he's gone, and then we're outta there! Our doctors visits have never been longer than 30 min. start to finish. Isn't that amazing!? Green Hills pediatrics rules!)


I'm sure eventually she'll get the hang of it, but right now it's mainly just entertainment.

Sunday is Addy-Paddy's bday and all the fam is getting together this weekend to celebrate!! I can't wait to see everyone!

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