4 months.

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Laney-boo is 4 months!!! Time flies!

(she's waving hello)

Her stats this time are....
Height: 24 1/4 (50%)
Weight: 12lbs (20%)
Head: 15 3/4 (30%)


Her weight had me a bit freaked out. She's been on what we like to call a "nursing strike." It's been awful; for me and for her. Every time I nurse it usually ends with both of us in tears and Eric trying to console us. Finally, Friday afternoon I had enough. She wouldn't eat, and I would try to pump and couldn't get A THING! I was beyond worried. I thought maybe my milk supply was just gone, or maybe just maybe my pump was broken. I told Eric to take me to the Hospital so I could rent a pump.

We got to Baptist and I went up to the Lactation Boutique and told the lady I needed to rent a pump for 7 days. She said ok, but then preceded to ask me why (I have no idea how stressed I looked, but I know she could tell I was freaking out a bit). When I started to explain to her the situation I couldn't hold back my tears. I just started crying. The lady was SO NICE and understanding, but I was really just at my wits end and feeling so desperate. She told me it sounded like I was having trouble with my "let down" and being stressed about it wasn't going to help. She gave me so many great tips. And told me after I tried all of those things, if I still thought my pump was broken to call medela and they would ship a new out in 24 hours (did you know that!?!? thank you medela!). Anyway, after trying all her tips, we are doing much better. I really just felt so much more calm after just talking to her.


Nursing Laney is one of those things that is just really high on my priority list. I am not ready to give it up, and I'm glad I'm committed to it. I wish I knew what it took to be a lactation consultant, because after all the help they were to me, I would love to be able to help other desperate moms out there.


Laney is doing MUCH better with her nursing now, and I'm hoping when we go in for her weight check in a month Dr. Godfrey will be SO happy with our progress.

Picnik collage

Ok, so other than our nursing issues, Laney is doing GREAT! When she does eat (haha) she's such a happy baby. She's VERY chatty, at home and at school. Right now she's very into squealing and laughing. She keeps us laughing too. She's rolling over both ways. Usually when I go to get her at school for a feeding she's asleep on her side and sometimes her tummy. But, at home at night she sleeps flat on her back with her arms sprawled out. She loves to watch football, especially the Auburn Tigers and the Buckeyes.


(also, if the shirt in the pictures looks familiar. I totally stole it from Claire. She made this same top for Charlotte.)

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Sugar Belles said...

okay, sis. next time your having issues, maybe you should ask your sister, i do have quite a bit of experience in nursing... Glad everything is better now, but for the record I prob. could've told you the same thing the lactation consultant did.

Claire said...

I was wondering! It's a great pattern! I make them a lot. & I have that fabric. Also, if you ever need someone to commiserate with, I too have lots of nursing experience :)

sfain said...

such precious pics of Laney!! I too have lots of nursing experience---just wish I could remember all about it!!!!!

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