Wednesday, October 20, 2010
I was on such a roll for a while there. Sorry for the slacking in the blog posting. I haven't been getting much sleep lately.

Last weekend we went to Bham to visit these guys...


It was a rough weekend for the Lanester. She pretty much screamed and cried all day Saturday except for a couple of hours while we ate here...


It was SO good! Thank you, Bella, for the free queso. Apparently if you bring a framed pic of your dog you get a free appetizer. Spread the word. Also be on the look out for the many pictures of Bella that Chuy's will now have glued to their wall. Walker and Em LOVE queso. No doubt they will shamelessly continue to bring a framed picture until they're caught! :)

We have a Chuy's in Nashville, but we've never gone because it's always so packed. So this was Eric's first experience and my second (we ate there the last time I went down to bham to visit walk and em).



Poor Laney. I'm not sure what the issue was, but she had a rough weekend. Don't you wish infants could use words and just TELL you what's the matter?!!? Me too.

Here are a few shots of her when she was actually happy.

moments of silence

Thanks, Walker and Emily for being such wonderful hosts! And for letting us interrupt your good nights sleep with our fussy Laney-girl!


In other news....I've been working on a few crafty/sewing projects for a baby shower for Ryan's little baby girl on the way; AND the Lanester will be 4 months old tomorrow!! I can hardly believe it she's growing so fast! I'll hopefully have a couple of posts coming your way soon!

Oh! AND....WAR EAGLE!!!!

2 comments to slack'n:

sfain said...

Yes, it was about time!!! Wish I had been able to spend more time with ya'll!

Emily said...

there is no doubt we will shamelessly use our dog to obtain more free queso. i'll let you know if we get caught :) feel free to come interrupt our sleep anytime as long as it means we get to see you guys! excited to see you this weekend!

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