Playing catch up...AGAIN!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tomorrow we leave for Ohio. We're flying--MOMS--if you have any good flying tips PLEASE SHARE!! This will be Laney's first flight and I just want to be prepared. Thanks! I'm serious...this is me crying out for help.."HELP!" :)

So, before we go to OH, I need to catch up the ole blog because if I don't blog now I'll have SO SO much to catch up on once we get back. Blah. What's my problem? Why have I had such a hard time blogging this summer??? I've noticed a lot of my favorites have had trouble too, so it's good to know I'm not alone. But still, it's hard to play catch up all the time.

Laney- 1yo

Ok, onto what we've been up to. Eric had a few days off for the 4th of July weekend, so we decided to head north up 65 and see all our Nashville friends. Thanks to Brian and Christine for putting us up Friday night, and to Ellen for letting us stay the rest of the weekend.



We had so much fun, and it was just so good for us to see our friends. Sunday night we hung out at the Hester's and Eli showed us his mad skills. I think he's going to follow in Jordan's footsteps. He was quite entertaining. Now, every time I hear the Billy Currington song "ba-ba-da-ba-ba-da" I will think of Eli. :) Laney is totally cool with being a groupie one day. So, Eli, start your band! You already have plenty of fans!

Eli the rock star.






After we got back from Nashvegas Laney and I headed back up 65N with my Mom to see Lizzie and her girls. We stayed at the Marriot resort in Muscle Shoals. If you're looking for an easy get away with your kids, this place is AWESOME! The pool was GREAT! The babies had a blast and the adults had fun too. The restaurant downstairs was yummy, so we never even had to leave the hotel if we didn't want to!



July 2011- Marriott Shoals

July 2011- Marriott Shoals

But we did want to because Lizzie wanted to show us her new house! Campbell was especially excited to show us around. Chatty Cathy told me all about her new room, and addy's new room, and the kitchen, den, etc. I'm really excited for them.

Lizzie's new house

Campbell- July 2011

Adeline- July 2011

We had so much fun with the girls we decided to bring one of them home with us! Addy-paddy has spent the week here at my mom's. Her and Laney have had so much fun hanging out. Addy goes home tomorrow and I know Laney will be really sad, she likes having a little playmate around.




Also, Scait came and stayed with us one night on their way to New Orleans for their 2nd honeymoon 7 day cruise! JEALOUS!!! We almost felt like we were back in Nash-nash again after getting to see them two weekends in a row.




We headed downtown to the Alley and ate at a new mexican restaurant there. I can't remember the name of it, but it was good. I had the shrimp quesadilla. So if you're in fungomery go try it.

Phew! Ok, enough for now. Please pray for us tomorrow night and Tuesday night as we fly with Laney. And I'm serious, if you have any good flying with kids tips...PLEASE SHARE!!!

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Emily said...

my nieces are ridiculously adorable. love the photography, you just keep getting better and better!!

Claire said...

bring lots of snacks! sit on the wing, it's the loudest! i may or not have used the wrist-leash to let L run in circles while waiting for the plane... have no shame, you will probably never see any of those people again.

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