A puppy, dairy, words and shoes.

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Brim- puppy

Jack, my baby brother, is home for a couple of days. I haven't seen him in MONTHS! And in the months that I haven't seen him, he added a new addition to his little family. Meet Brim.

Brim- puppy

Brim- puppy

Brim is a golden-doodle (half golden retriever, half poodle). He is one of the most chill puppies. Eric calls him a Muppet-dog, and I think he's right on. Doesn't he just look like a character from the Muppet show?!!? Anyway, when you compare Brim to our little yappie, trauma survivor he seems WAY calmer and quieter. He's really friendly, sometimes too friendly to Laney and she gives him the Heisman to get out of her face. Have I mentioned "dog" is one of the only words Laney says consistently? She says it ALL. THE. TIME. Maybe it's because she's surrounded by dogs a lot (there are 3 dogs at the house right now).

Brim- puppy

Ok, moving on...What do the items in this picture have in common???

lactose intolerance

Two things: 1- the are all dairy products. 2- My body has developed a severe intolerance to them. Honestly, I've always been slightly intolerant of dairy. Like the mac-n-cheese at j. alexander's (which is SOOO delish) usually makes me sick, but over all I've never been as sick as I have been over the last month. It's been bad. So, I've decided as much as I love things like ice cream and cheese, my life is a much better one with out them. Do any of you readers have lactose intolerance? Any good recipes you could throw my way? Or am I pretty much stuck with eating strictly meats, fruits and vegetables? Any help is welcomed.


Also, I've started a C25K. Lesley recommended this app and I'm LOVING it!! Tonight started day one of week 4 and it about KILLED me! But I did it! WOO HOO!!

Daddy's Home

Now, onto a more serious issue that's been plaguing me lately. This one is more on the emotional level. Lately, I've walked around with an attitude of "no body likes me, every body hates me, I guess I'll go eat worms." I'm not telling you this so you'll feel sorry for me, but I'm saying this because it's really bothered me that I've felt this way. I've tried tracking down exactly where this stems from and I finally figured it out a couple of nights ago.

Laney-boo (1yo)

Holding hands

You see, probably 5 or 6 years ago, I had this lady tell me something really mean. So mean, that it has stuck with me for this long and has caused me to be incredibly self-conscious. She probably has no idea that her words affected me so much, and to be honest, until lately I hadn't realized how much they had affected me either. Last night I was laying in bed praying that the Lord would help me take captive those words and speak truth into me so that I would stop walking around with such a dim outlook on myself. I don't feel like I can be an effective friend, wife, mother or even believer if I keep on this way. It's also caused me to realize how MY words (and tone-says my sweet husband :)) effect people. I know this is getting way lengthy so I'll close this out, but I just hope my words (and tone) will breathe life into people. (And I also hope I can believe the truth of what God says about me, instead of the words of others).

I'm one!

Now, to end on a more upbeat note. I bought some new shoes and I love them, so of course, I had to share. They're from shoe station and they come in LOTS of colors. They are so comfy! I like that they have a little heal to them, just enough to make my legs look longer when I'm wearing dresses & skirts. Eric put them on the other night because he had to run out to the car to grab something and they were sitting by the door (seriously, he doesn't normally wear women's shoes, I promise!!) He said...those things really are comfy! :)

New shoes- 1

New Shoes- 2

And...on that note I'm out. Have a good Thursday, peeps! :)

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