Her's my cousin!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Over the weekend Eric and I went to New Orleans for a little get-away. It was so WONDERFUL!! It's the first time we've gone away, just the two of us, since Laney was born. It was the first nights I've ever spent away from my sweet baby, but she was in good hands. My wonderful Mommy offered to keep her for the weekend and my sister, Lizzie, and her two girls came down to Montgomery to help out (and to have fun being cousins).


Before I left I got to spend a little time with the girls and Campbell must be learning about family at school because she kept talking about Laney being her cousin and Addy being her sister. She wanted to know what Laney's mommy's name was...haha!!

At one point Laney kinda fell on top of Campbell and her response was..."Her hand is on me...and HER'S MY COUSIN!" It really is so fun having these girls be so close in age. I hope they grow up to be really great friends!


Thanks again to Sissy and Aunt Lizzie!! You guys are the best!

To see more pictures from our weekend in NOLA click here.

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