Fall fun

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear sweet bloggy-blog...I have not forgotten you. And you sweet little readers (friends :)) I haven't forgotten you either. I really have no excuse for my lack of posts. Fall has happened upon us and we've just been loving it: pumpkins, mums, football, runs through the neighborhood in this beautiful COOLER weather, long sleeves, boots, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! We've just been loving the changing of seasons!


The past couple of weekends we've seen family and hit up the two big football towns of Alabama. A couple of weeks a go Sissy, Laney and I went to t-town for homecoming to see Jackie-poo. He was a great host and we had lots of fun strolling through campus and seeing all that homecoming at Alabama had to offer. I hadn't been there since high school (that's a LONG time ago!), so it was really fun to be back there. I even sported a slightly crimson shirt (I know...I know) ONLY because I love my little brother. Laney was too innocent to be wearing that color so she was neutral in her hot pink. :)




Then...last weekend we went to Auburn!! Walker and Emily had come down from Ohio. It was a short visit, but better than no visit! :) Sissy stayed for the game and Laney and I headed back to Montgomery to watch it from the comfort of home. Ps- Eric's had to work the past couple of weekends. I just fee like I needed to put that out there...I don't want you people thinking I've just been running off and leaving him every weekend! :) Not that he would mind having the house to himself to lay around and watch football all day! hehe.



Ok, so, in between weekends we've gotten to catch up with old friends! My friend, Elizabeth, was in town from Kentucky with her cute kiddos and we just had to get together with them! Selah, her oldest daughter, is one of the most loving little girls, she wanted to hold Laney's hand, but my little independent child wouldn't have it. I had to tell Selah, for what it's worth, it hurts my feelings too when Laney doesn't want to hold my hand. Erin and baby Hudson came over to play too! Look how big he is!! He weighs more than Laney does!! haha!!






I hope everyone is having a great fall! And for the record a VERY WAR EAGLE! (Can you tell I'm feeling guilty for wearing a crimson shirt!?!)

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sfain said...

Best of both worlds! AU, UA

caitlin said...

oh my goodness! Laney is so big!!

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