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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yesterday we headed down South and met up with Lizzie, Campbell and Adeline. We walked around in downtown Athens for a while in the sweltering heat, then went for lunch at Sweet Pepper Deli.

Campbell drinks diet coke. HILARIOUS! She LOVES it!

Sweet Addy-Paddy

After lunch, I went grocery shopping with Lizzie, at our favorite, Publix (is anyone else obsessed with Publix like I am?!). One of the ladies that worked there made fun of us with our "caravan."

We headed to Lizzie's house after our grocery run so Presh-poo could show off her new skill...

Can you believe it!?!? She's pulling up! She's gonna take off sooner than Lizzie's ready for, I think!

Kiss'n cousins....

When it was time for me to leave I asked Campbell if she wanted to come with me. She grabbed her purse and also her sun glasses and headed out the door!

I felt really bad when we had to tell her she had to stay. Maybe next time, Cam!

And here's one more of the littlest cuz, just for good measure. :)

Happy Friday, y'all!

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Lizzie said...

Hey! you weren't supposed to give away our secret!!
Great pics though!

Lizzie said...

P.S.- We have the cutest kids. ever! ;)

sfain said...

OH!!!!! THIS IS SOOO PRECIOUS--- it brings tears to my eyes!!! I miss ALL my girls!!!!

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