The Bug.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

If any of you know Eric you know he's a BIG fan of nicknames. In fact, if you walked up to him and introduced yourself to him as David, his immediate response would be "well, nice to meet you Dave." It happens that fast. Seriously. For instance our friend Caitlin Palm, he calls "Catalina Palmerino", and our friend Emily Lamkin he calls "Elm-il-lil Lamkanio". I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. So, it's no surprise our little Laney has MANY nicknames.

The most common being the bug or Laney-bug. Also, bugsy, buggy wuggy, bugs, bugster, doodle bug, doodle or doods.

He also has named her Lanester, Laninator, and the worst of them all....

And please know that all of these nicknames are accompanied by their own original song. Written by none other than Eric. :) He's a funny daddy. We love him.

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Emily said...

walker calls her laney-bug too, and you know we've always been a big fan of baby terd-heimer :)

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