26.2 (take #2)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
He did it! He made it 26.2 miles and I couldn't have been more proud! I, honestly, don't think our bodies were really created to run that far, but after all the time and training he put into it he did it!

Here he is at about mile 11! Almost 1/2 way and look'n good!

This is about mile 25! I got to cheer him on and say just ONE MORE MILE!!

Here he comes, on the home stretch!

Crossing the finish line!!

Saying "hi" right after he crossed the finish line!

Putting the sticker on the car! He was really so excited about this! Too bad it's the car I drive around most of the time! I'm ok with people thinking I'm a marathoner! :)

Celebration dinner at Montgomery Inn!

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sfain said...

Those are GREAT pics, Lele!! Again, YAY, Eric!!

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