The Story.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, here's the low down. It had been a SUPER busy week at work with it being Vacation Bible School, and I jokingly kept telling my mom all week, "if this doesn't send me into labor, then this baby will never come out." The week went off without a hitch, and Friday came and I was so relieved. Eric and I always have date night on Fridays because we don't get to spend a lot of time together through out the week, due to his hectic school schedule. So, we had a night planned of power walking at the park, jets pizza and sweet cece's. We really had such a great night, and then whole time I kept saying this is probably our last Friday night alone (knowing if Laney wasn't here the next Friday, my mom would be). We came home after stopping by Milwee's new house, and went to bed, because let's face it, if any of you have been involved with VBS this summer, you know that even not pregnant it's exhausting.

I woke up early the next morning, earlier than I have my whole pregnancy (without setting an alarm). I had some "bloody show", and thought oh! good! I guess that means she's making some progress and maybe we'll get to meet her later in the week. I went on and spent my Saturday making a target and hobby lobby run. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable, so I decided to come home and take it easy the rest of the afternoon. I didn't feel like cooking Saturday night, so Eric and I decided to go pick up J. Alexander's. On the way there I started to feel something, and wondered if they could be contractions. I tried to ignore them, but they kept on. Around 8pm I called my mom and asked her what contractions felt like. I told her i felt them mostly in my back, and that's when she said....Uh, oh, i think you're having back labor. Uh oh was right! LOTS of pain! LITTLE progress! We started timing them around midnight and at 3am decided to call the Dr. We went into the hospital they told me I was barely a finger tip dilated and sent us home at 7am. SAD! From 7am until 3pm I sat at my house having contractions every 5 minutes and finally at 3:30 I told Eric I couldn't do it anymore, we have to call the Dr. again.

My mom got here right as we were heading to the hospital for the second time. This time I felt so much worse. They checked me into triage, and I looked at that nurse with probably the most pitiful look I've ever given someone and said "please don't make me go home." Within minutes they were moving me into a labor and delivery room. THANK YOU JESUS!

After taking me to my room, they gave me my IV, broke my water, and I got my epidural. At that point it was around 5pm and I was 2cm dilated. At 6pm I was a 3, and then around 7pm I was a 4.

And this is when it got complicated (not for me)...My mom and sister left to go grab some dinner, cause hello, this is my first baby and we thought it'd be a while. Lizzie couldn't eat her dinner because she was starting to feel bad, so they left the restaurant and drove to my house to drop the girls off (Lizzie and the girls in one car following my mom). They were on the interstate and my mom saw my sister swerve off onto an exit. Mom was real confused as to what was going on and after a phone call from Lizzie, found out she had started throwing up all over herself, the car, etc. back to's around 8pm and the nurse checks me and I'm at 7cm. That seemed, to me, to have happened fast and I'm getting a little anxious for my mom and sister to return. Eric's trying to call and text my mom to let her know the progress and she tells us the news. The nurse comes to check me again...I'm at 8cm. Then she comes to check again I'm at 9cm. Where is mom!? Finally she gets back and at 10:30pm it's time to PUSH!!!!!!! I pushed for an hour and a half and there she was! Laney! At 12:02am on June 21st she was here!

She was here....and she wasn't crying. Why wasn't she crying?!?? I thought babies popped out and entered the world with their very best loud scream. Minutes were passing by and still no sound. I see lots of people running in and out of the room. My nurse just kept saying, "she's fine, she's fine. She just got some fluid in her lungs and their trying to get it out."

My mom says she's glad I couldn't see what was happening over in the corner with little Laney because her little body was just laying there limp and purple. A nurse from the NICU finally brought her over to me and said they were going to have to take her up to the transition room to try and get her good and mad so that she would cry and get the fluid out. Eric went with her and mom stayed with me.

Honestly, I guess because I couldn't' see what was happening in that little corner, I wasn't worried. Mom was worried, but I was fine.

It wasn't too long after that I got a text from Eric saying she was doing good and she'd be back down to see us soon. THANK YOU JESUS!

And then at 3:30am on Monday, June 21st our little family was reunited.

Sweet little Laney has been fine ever since. Super healthy. Loves to sleep and loves to eat. We're so blessed.

PS- Within the next few days both me and my mom got the stomach bug!! All is well now.

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emily said...

what a story. SO glad she is here and healthy!!! said...

I think your banner now needs to include baby Laney!! So proud of you, Leels, and so excited for yall. I cannot wait to meet her - she is beautiful.

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