Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Recently, I've picked up a new hobby...sewing. I love it! It's imperative for my own sanity (and Eric's) that I am able to get my creative juices flowing and MAKE things! There's so much reward in using your hands to create something, that before was just a piece of fabric.

My super creative friend, Caitlin, has also participated in the funness of crafting, and we've started to have a "craft day" at least once a month.

At the last craft day we made little zipper pouches (this tutorial suggests using mid-weight woven non-fusible interfacing, but I've had better luck with using a heavy-weight, it helps, especially the larger ones, hold their shape better). I've made several of them in different sizes; I have one for my lip gloss and such that I throw in my purse; Another that houses all my make-up; and another that is really too big to figure out what to use it for, so it's sitting on a shelf in my bathroom! :) I've also made several more for friends and family.

We'll have our next craft day in a couple of weeks and we're so excited! We'll be making a few things, but the main thing I'm planning on making is an apron. If you've found any good apron tutorials shoot them my way, I've been searching!

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Emily Fain said...

so cute! i love that bottom one!

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